Program tips

Tips for using the interactive program

For optimal performance, peruse the program via the browser on a computer, but using the Sched app on a mobile device [App store | Google play].

Some of the information below, plus more, is also available in Sched’s Guide for Attendees!

(We apologize in advance that there are some funny things about the software that we cannot change. For example, the session chairs will be listed first in a session, such that they look like authors. Etc. etc. We hope that the good outweighs the slightly annoying!)

Getting started

  • Use the “search” function in the top right to find out what sessions you and/or colleagues are in.
  • Explore the program in a variety of different views (Simple, Expanded, Grid, and By Venue) by clicking on the down arrow next to the “Schedule” top menu.
    • (Note that in “Grid” view, all posters appear on top of one another since they’re at the same time in the same room. Nothing we can do about that.)
    • In Simple, Grid, or By Venue view, hover over an item to see its description (this is where abstracts will go!).
  • See the right-side menu with colored circles for the list of sessions (“S:” indicates special sessions; “T:” indicates regular talk sessions). Click on a session to see which papers are in each session. Or, select an individual talk to see its session title along the bottom. (Likewise, select the circle for “Plenaries”, “Special events”, “Social”, etc. to find all events fitting that description.)
  • Each of the 2 poster sessions is also organized by topic; hover over the poster session links in the right menu to find the topics. Or, select an individual poster to see the topic along the bottom.
  • You can filter by date along the right menu (i.e., to only look at events on one day).
  • You can also filter by type of presentation on the very bottom of the right-side menu where it says “Session type”. Go here to, e.g., see every poster presentation on one page, or all the special session papers, etc.

Handy features

  • Build your own NWAV program in advance! If you sign up & log into Sched , you can build your own program by bookmarking talks/posters/events that you want to make sure to attend!
    • Click on the mobile phone icon in the top right for instructions about how to put events directly into your own calendar software. Or, do this through the app!
  • Use the phone app version. Search your smart phone’s app store for an app called “Sched” [App store | Google play], download the free app, then use it find the NWAV48 program. We don’t recommend using the browser version on your phone; in our experience it has been a little buggy.
  • Tweet at or link directly to a talk/poster/event directly by selecting that session in the app, and clicking on the URL or Twitter link (or Facebook too).


  • If you are an author and we have your email address, you should have received a link to log into your account.
  • Any NWAV48 attendee, author or not, is welcome to create an account and log in to create their own customized schedules, etc.

Please report errors!

  • Please let us know if you see something incorrect in the program (! We’re still working out the kinks of the software, so bear with us as we continue to update the program!